Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Haul Part 2 - Lush and Too Faced Brow Kit

This summer I went to Lush for my very first time. I had heard a lot of good things about it, but there are no locations that are close by. I didn’t buy anything at the first Lush I went to because to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed. I didn’t know much about the products or how they worked so I just took a quick peek. After getting home, I visited their website and took a better look at which products interested me. The first thing I got when I went next was Rock Star Soap. This soap smells like vanilla candy – it is kind of a cotton candy-ish smell and it smells delicious! I really love the color of it as well - pretty pink! Normally I’m not into bar soaps because I find them very drying but this one I find doesn’t do that. You can get them to cut off a piece of whatever size you like so the price can vary. The second thing I got was the Comforter Bubble Bar. This one is described as bringing a real sense of comfort just like a comforter would. This has sweet blackcurrents, cypress oil and cassis absolute. It smells fruity but like a ‘dark raspberry’ kind of scent. You crumble some off into the tub under running water and it bubbles right up. It actually does a really good job at bubbling, much better than I expected. You can use as much or as little of it per bath as you would like. It turns the water a pinky-purply color too.

I had been thinking for awhile about using a brow powder to define my brows, and I found that my favourite makeup company, Too Faced, makes a brow kit. This is a palette with a bunch of items inside that really helps you get your brows looking great. First, it has illustrations at the top that explain step-by-step how to use each item. This is helpful so you know exactly what products to use and in what order to use them. It has 3 different stencils, which you hold up to your brows and fill in to determine where to tweeze and which areas to grow in (the kit comes with tweezers, actually pretty decent ones – for some reason I thought they wouldn’t be very good but they are really good. There is two brow powders, Blonde and Brunette. The blonde one is kind of a grey-brown color and the brunette one is very dark brown. Although my brows are dark, I can mainly use the blonde color, and I just add in a little extra brunette powder to use it up and to darken them a bit. Next, it has a setting wax to hold everything in place. It comes with a little pencil to get some extra definition – I find that I don’t really need it that much, but if your brows are really sparse and you want to add a bit more shape to them it’s great to have. This is a brown color. Lastly, there is a pink highlighting powder. It’s more of a cream than a powder, which other people have complained about but I really like it because it gives it a thickness and staying power. The kit itself was something like $41 but I find it’s definitely worth it because by the time you add up the individual items it gets pricey. Also, some of those items are hard to find on their own, and to have them in their own convenient box is really nice. I love the finished look of my brows after using this kit so I am very glad I bought this.

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