Friday, April 8, 2011

Makeup Brushes

Hey guys,

So the first thing I wanted to talk to you about is.... cleaning makeup brushes! I know, doesn’t sound very fun right? To be honest, until about a year ago it was something I never really thought about, never really did. Then I was watching a video online and realized how good it was to clean your brushes to make sure you’re starting with a nice clean base!

So I actually don’t have a ton of brushes – the line of brushes I use right now is Ecotools. They are bamboo anddo NOT use animal hair which is always good (the ones I saw at Sephora all use goat hair and I don’t like that L).

This is the big brush I have – it is a bronzer brush – I get the EcoTools brushes at Walmart – not sure where else they have them

This is the blush brush I have – it is from the brand Quo which you can get at Shoppers Drug Mart. I like the Ecotools brushes much better – I’ve had a couple Quo brushes I’ve had to throw out because they get too damaged

This is a foundation brush I just picked up – I never used to use a brush with my foundation but I got sick of using my fingers so I’m giving it a try... so far so good!

Finally, this is the ecotools concealer brush. I actually have two of this. One I use for my concealer and the other one I just use for eyeshadow.

Anyways, those are all the brushes that I have. I’m hoping to maybe pick up one of those stiff angled brushes to use for my brows and doing shadow as liner.

Ok, now onto how I clean my brushes!

The cleanser I use is Quo brush cleanser – you can find it with the Quo brushes at Shoppers Drug Mart. You don’t have to use the same ones – there are quite a few different brands that sell brush cleansers. Or if you want you can just use baby shampoo (I’m not sure about using regular shampoo – it may be too harsh)

I gather up all my brushes and one at a time I run them under warm water. Once they are fully wet I spray them with the brush cleanser. Just kinda spray them enough so you can rub it into a lather and then you rinse them off.

Just a warning – if you haven’t washed your brushes for a long time (or ever! – don’t feel bad, I was in that position before too!) the first time you wash them it will take a lot longer than usual because they have so much pigment in them. What I ended up doing was leaving them to soak for a little while in a container of water. You may have to do that if you find that. I usually now hold them under water until they rinse clean. I wash my brushes weekly so it doesn’t take too long to clean them. Then I just leave them on the bathroom counter so they have time to dry. Make sure you have enough time to dry them before you have to do your makeup next – obviously drying time will be longer for your bigger power/bronzer brushes than your eyeshadow or liner brushes.

Sometimes when I’m cleaning my makeup brushes I will clean my hairbrush too. How I do this is pull out any excess hair and squirt some shampoo on the bristles. I run it under hot water until the shampoo is rinsed out. I heard that bacteria and yucky stuff can grow if you leave it to dry on its own so I just use my hairdryer to dry it.

That is basically it for my makeup brushes and how I clean them! Let me know if you have any questions!

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