Monday, April 11, 2011

Sephora Haul!

A few days ago I got to go to Sephora for the first time ever! I had been looking at the products online for quite awhile but had never been since there wasn’t one that close. My boyfriend and I drove about an hour to get to one so we could go check it out. (If you’ve never heard of Sephora, it’s a big fun beauty product store with tons of different brands J). All the girls working there were super nice. They would greet you but not be completely annoying and overbearing while you’re trying to shop (haha talking to you girls at Shoppers!) There was so much awesome stuff there and so much I wanted! They have testers of basically anything and will even do demonstrations. Plus they had lots of Kleenex and cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol so you could use the tester right on your face without getting some sketchy disease(don’t use drugstore testers!!). They had bliss products which I’ve been eyeing up for awhile but they are super expensive! Like there was one kit that just had foot lotion and socks and it was $57 L.

So the first thing I really needed was a primer. I had been using an oil mattifying gel from Shoppers but it was almost empty and I wanted to get something new and different. The primer I ended up getting was Primed and Poreless by Two Faced. It’s a primer that apparently you can wear alone – it makes my skin look less oily but I wouldn’t wear it on its own. I have been using this primer as my first step after washing my face and moisturizing and before I do my makeup. It feels like super velvety when you put it on.

I took a look through the tools and accessories that they had – there was soo much! Makeup brushes, tweezers, nail stuff... pretty much everything you could ever use! I got this little pink silicone pad that you use to clean your face. I put my face cleanser on it and rub it in little circles on my face and neck. It is a good massage, exfoliates a bit and gets your cleanser in really deep. If you have seen the L’oreal cleansers with the cleaning pad built in – that’s what it looks like. Another product I bought was a powder sifter. It’s a jar that has a sifter in it so for times when you drop a powder and it breaks, or you use it and it shatters, you can just crush up the rest of it, put it in the jar and use a brush. I know this will end up saving me money down the road as rather than throwing out half empty powder compacts, I can instead get much more use out of them. It was something like $4.

Next thing I was looking for was a spray that sets in your makeup. I ended up getting Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix. I spray this on after my foundation and concealer, and then again after I have put on all my makeup. I found that it has been helping my makeup stay on longer. I have combination skin, and the oily spots are really oily so anything that can stop my makeup from turning into an oil slick is great. They also recommend if you wanna touch up your makeup in the middle of the day to just spray it on and then apply face powder after.

A feature the store has that is nice is they have quite a fair size selection of men’s products. While I was off testing everything, my boyfriend was checking out the different cologne and skin products that they had, and picked up a deodorant that he really liked.

When we went to pay, I got to sign up for a customer loyalty card thingy and received points on all the stuff I had bought. Once you build up enough points you can redeem them for samples, and I think you get a free gift on your birthday too.

Well that was my experience at Sephora! Have you guys ever been to Sephora? What did you think?

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